Unlocking our 2023 Salary and Market Report for Legal Support Professionals in Sydney, Australia

25 May 2023 Alessyn Hecht

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In the competitive job market, staying informed about salary trends and market conditions is crucial for legal support professionals looking to make informed career decisions. Salary guides and market reports provide valuable insights into compensation benchmarks and industry trends. 

Our Salary and Market Report can be a powerful resource for legal support professionals, first and foremost, because the data comes straight from YOU, our Sydney legal network.

Whether you are looking to go into your 2023 performance review with confidence, conduct a job search in the next six months, or have plans to relocate nationally or internationally, this guide will help you in your preparations!

Understanding Our Salary & Market Report

Compensation Data:

Our Salary guide offers detailed information on salary ranges and compensation packages specific to legal support roles in Sydney. We’ve provided a breakdown of salary levels based on experience, qualifications, and job responsibilities. 

In the current job market, job titles can vary per firm and employer.  For example, an employee with the job title of Legal Administrative Assistant at one firm may have the exact same job specifications and responsibilities as someone with the title Executive Assistant at another firm.  

It’s important to note that in our guide we have designated title by years of experience in addition to responsibilities.  This is specified in the data pages and in the salary guide table.  For example, in our guide, an Executive Assistant is someone who supports one or more Managing Partners or C-Suite members, whereas someone who supports a team of lawyers from Partner down is considered a Legal Secretary / Practice Assistant.  

Bottom line: for our guide, and any other, make sure you look at the compensation data in line with your job responsibilities, not necessarily your job title.

Market Trends:

Our market guide outlines job specification, work environment, and job seeker trends within the legal support field.   In 2023 trends include working from home policies, ratios of administration employees to professional employees per team, the career plans of our legal network, and the ranking of factors that our network considers most important in a current or prospective job.

A unique offering of our guide is information on our international job markets.  Barratt Galvin specialises in legal recruitment in Australia, as well as in the Middle East and London.  If you are a lawyer or legal administration professional in Sydney with plans to relocate in the next year, then our Salary & Market guide can provide you with relevant information for your overseas job search.  It will help you to assess the level of income you may expect in your overseas destination and how far in advance to your move that you should reach out to us to assist with your job search.

Putting the Insights into Practice

Armed with the insights gained from our Salary & Market Report, you can develop a focused plan for the next six to twelve months of your career and leverage these actions in line with your three, five and seven year career growth:

  • Get an idea of your salary level in comparison to the market standard, to gain insight on the potential growth or plateau in remuneration for your job;

  • Gain insight on your peer’s job environments and motivators;

  • Identify the areas and career paths in which legal support staff can grow in the current legal employment climate;

  • Consider areas where you need to improve your skills or gain additional qualifications to align with your career goals;

  • Become informed about the overseas legal job market and reach out to specialists who can help you with your job search once your relocation is set.

We may be biased, but we feel that our Salary & Market Report is an essential resource for legal support professionals in Sydney.  Whether you are seeking a new job in Sydney, happy in your role and continued career advancement, hoping to maximize your earning potential, or looking to relocate to London or the Middle East, there are valuable insights for your consideration.

Our 2023 Salary & Market Report will be available soon!

In the meantime, go to the Salary Report page on our website to download the 2022 Salary & Market Report.