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Working With Us

Your Career, Our Focus.

Why work with us?

The decision to make a change in your legal career is very personal and unique to you. We understand this and will take the time to consult with you not only about your motivating factors for moving, but will also take a holistic approach by considering what other factors in your life may affect your career. We will discuss your commitments outside of work in order to ensure we are making the right match for YOU. Whether your focus is family, health and fitness, salary, location, or making Partner within the next 5-10 years, we’ll take the time to discuss all of this in detail with you to ensure that this next move is the right one.

Your legal career is our focus and your talent is our product. We very much value and respect each and every law professional we meet with and will hold your details with the utmost confidentiality.

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International Relocations

Relocation packages differ from firm to firm and per job title. In addition to salary, lawyer staff are usually offered a relocation package by their new employer, details of which will be discussed usually after first interview stage. Most law firms have moved away from relocation packages for legal secretary and other support staff, however this could be subject to change due to a decline in talent available locally in certain markets.

Assisting with the salary negotiation and relocation process is something we have proven success with and are passionate about. We have made placements for legal professionals relocating internationally or inter-state to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, and London. 

It is our firm belief that our role does not stop after the last interview and the job is accepted. We are committed to doing anything in our power to help you settle in quickly in your new city, and thus in your new job. We will aim to put you in touch with legal professionals in the region who have made the move and have some first hand advice to give. We will also guide you with any particulars you may need for your visa, recommend real estate websites and provide general advice on where to live based on the proximity to your new employer.

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Career Advice and Interview Coaching

By working with us, you will be provided advice and coaching throughout every stage of the recruitment process. Utilising our in-depth knowledge of our clients, you will be giving yourself the best chance to be the most highly prepared candidate for interview and give you the edge on your competition.

General interview tips and preparation will be provided to you based on our first meeting. We will then carry out a more personal consultation once your CV has been called forward to interview. This is something we are committed to providing you with each and every time you meet with a new client. Over the years we have found that understanding what is going to be expected of you at each interview largely takes away the nerves (most of them!!), allowing you to focus on presenting your skills and experience to the client.

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