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  • How to Master The Legal Interview Follow-Up Process

    9 days ago by Laura Barratt

    ​Getting the ideal legal role often involves a lot of patience. You need to regularly check job listings, interact with your legal recruitment/search company to discover new opportunities that match your skills, and constantly write new cover letters and CV/Resumes.When you finally land an interview, the chances are you'll be eager to hear back from your potential employer a...

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  • Unlocking our 2023 Salary and Market Report for Legal Support Professionals in Sydney, Australia

    about 1 year ago by Alessyn Hecht

    ​In the competitive job market, staying informed about salary trends and market conditions is crucial for legal support professionals looking to make informed career decisions. Salary guides and market reports provide valuable insights into compensation benchmarks and industry trends. Our Salary and Market Report can be a powerful resource for legal support professionals, fi...

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  • Barratt Galvin's Salary Survey 2020

    about 4 years ago by Laura Barratt

    Although we are working in a very different market at the moment compared to years gone by, we are still committed to preparing our annual Salary Report for Legal Support Staff. The report will be adapted this year due to the effects of Covid19. We are currently in the data collecting phase. If you have not been a part of this before and would like to receive your copy of th...

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    Barratt Galvin Salary Survey 2020: Legal Recruitment Specialists