Presentation Counts!

22 October 2014 Laura Barratt



What to wear to your job interview is a crucial question that may leave you feeling confused and a little stressed. Law firms are typically conservative and “corporate” environments. They like staff to dress and present themselves in a manner that is consistent to their clients and their corporate image.

So what is my best advice?

Best advice for a job interview is to stick to the classics. Basic colors including white, navy, grey, or black are essential. Think conservative!! Low necked or revealing blouses/tops, short skirts and super high heels are not appropriate for any work environment and especially not at a job interview. In addition, women should choose simple jewelry like pearl or diamond stud earrings and a simple necklace instead of wearing attention grabbing earrings and necklaces.  An interview is a time for an employer to get to know about your personality, your skills and you. You need to make an impression and stand out, but not in a negative way! Hair and makeup should be appropriate to the environment you will be working in, generally the golden rule is that your hair should be clean, neat and styled, and your makeup should be simple but elegant.

First impressions count enormously, and everyone wants to leave an impression in a job interview. Don’t underestimate the part your presentation plays in being asked back for a second interview, or in fact, in getting the job! Good luck!!!!