Living and Working in London: Angela

22 May 2016 Laura Barratt

London 3

Travelling to London but not sure what to expect?  Countless Australians and New Zealanders have gone before you and had the time of their lives.  But don’t take our word for it!  We’ve interviewed Legal Secretaries who traveled to London in the past to get their take on how to find legal jobs, their best memories, and how the experience has impacted them. 

What year(s) did you travel and work in London?

I was in London from 2002 to 2006s

Why did you decide to go?

I wanted to travel Europe and therefore wanted to use London as a base for my travels and also to earn British pounds to make saving for my trips much easier.

What steps did you follow in order to find your first job in London?

I registered with a couple of agencies and obtained temporary work through them.  I obtained my full time job from a referral from a friend.

What did you love most about living and working in London?

I worked in a very social workplace.  There were always events planned on Friday nights and I was often invited to the local pub at the end of the day and had a few good laughs.  London has so much to offer; a great transport system, nightlife, museums which were mostly free, parks, concerts and again being so close to Europe was definitely a bonus.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

I probably would have done more travelling. I travelled just about everywhere in Europe but would have loved to stop in America on the way home.

How has your London experience impacted you?

I had never been to a theatre show before and I used to go to one every month or so. They were comparatively cheap  with my salary and there were so many to see. I met so many great people, both travellers and English people, and have kept in touch with many of them after coming home.  I loved working in London and it’s the friendships that I made while I was there that made my time there so memorable.

What is your most memorable travel story?

I went to a placed called Cinque Terre in Italy. There are five towns in Cinque Terra which are world famous for their walks. Farmers have, over hundreds of years, built hundreds of dry stone walls and it’s on the coast and the scenery is out of this world. I was doing one of the walks between towns and I met some travellers from Australia and when we got to the last town I went for a swim. When I got out of the water these virtual strangers had bought me and beer and we sat and chatted together watching the sun go down. It surprised me how generous and good spirited people can be when travelling.