Healthy Habits To Acquaint Yourself With If You Are Deskbound

05 June 2018 Laura Barratt

Thanks to the rise of technology, we live in a world where we are working more than ever before, not to mention that we are always connected and contactable too.
While this is great for productivity, and for some of us it means the freedom to be able to work from anywhere, it also can be wreaking havoc on our health or our personal lives.
If you are someone who is always busy and spends hours each day in front of a screen, here are my top tips for you.


Make Sure That You Exercise
Exercise gives you endorphins, gets your energy flowing, is good for your bones, heart and stress levels and the list goes on!
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No matter how busy you get, always make time to exercise.
You are far better off taking 20-30 minutes off to move your body then you are getting stressed, overwhelmed or unhealthy.
I suggest working out in the morning as it will set you up for a productive day ahead. Furthermore, if you miss your morning workout, then you always have lunchtime and after work to fall back on.
While working out is important, I also suggest that you make sure you get up from your desk every hour to hydrate and stretch. This is good for your posture, energy levels and your metabolism.
When you get home from work it’s also a good to take your body through some stretches to help offset a day spent sitting.


While it is often way more fun to reach for coffee or a snack, drinking lots of water throughout the day is important, especially if you are tired, as it is good for brain function and it helps your body flush out toxins.
Always have a water bottle on your desk, try to get a BPA free or glass bottle as opposed to a plastic bottle.
Every hour when you get up from your seat to stretch, you can also use that time to walk to the water bubbler and top yourself up.


Make Sure Your Work Space is Set Up Correctly
If your office manager allows it, I suggest getting an expert in to set up your computer screens and chairs at the right height for you. When you look at a screen you should not be craning your neck or looking up at it. The screen should be at a comfortable height for you.
Also when you are sitting be mindful of your posture. Are you hunching, is your stomach loose?
There is no reason why you can’t be working your abs at your desk. Sit up straight, squeeze your glutes, suck your stomach in and learn to maintain good posture. This position may be hard to hold for the first few days, but I promise you will get used to it and your body will thank you for it.


Take Incidental Exercise When You Can Get It
If you are someone who spends most of the day deskbound, I suggest taking every opportunity to move that you can. Take the stairs if they are an option, walk home from work or park your car a little further away so that you can walk. Bring your lunch to work so you can move instead of spending your break in the lunch time.


Shut Down and Get Some Sleep
While you still may have some emails to answer after work, or you may want to catch up on social media, it’s important to switch off well before bedtime so that you have a restful sleep and can prepare for the day ahead.
The screen on your device emits a blue light which turns off your melatonin, your sleep hormone. This hormone naturally begins to be produced by the body when the sun goes down and it helps prepare you for a good sleep.
If you stay up staring at your screens, you are less likely to have a restful night. Furthermore, you will probably be thinking about the million things that are going on in your life rather than winding down.
Try to turn everything off by 8 or 830pm to give yourself some time to wind down before bed
Ben Lucas is the owner of Sydney’s premier luxe fitness and yoga studio Flow Athletic.
He has been in the industry for 12 years and was formerly an NRL player for the Sharks.
Ben is also an ultra- endurance runner, completing 35 ultra endurance events in just 5 years.