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Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen

Talent Specialist | Legal Professionals

​Diana has held eclectic roles in her career that range from being the main lawyer for Australia in a large international technology company to owning and running her own business focused on alternative therapies and spiritual wellbeing!

This exposure to different professions and industries has led Diana to have a really good "eye" at figuring out what makes people tick (not to mention to really focus on one's emotional and psychological wellbeing), and also has given her purpose in life, which is to help others, figure out what they want and to try to help get it. In the case of being a Talent Specialist, she is here to help lawyers find their next opportunity that meets their needs.

Diana prides herself on making a positive and permanent impact on her client's lives and seeing their standard of life and quality of living significantly improve. She loves seeing people really become empowered and change their perspective on life so they can live the life they truly deserve.