Meet Kate…

22 May 2018 Laura Barratt


Introduction: Meet Kate is the first of a 4 part blog series written by the Barratt Galvin following Kate, Legal Secretary candidate and her journey towards a step up in her career. In this first blog in the series we’ll share who Kate is and her reasons looking for a new role. Keep an eye out for the next blog, ‘How Kate built a relationship with her recruiter’. *Note: Names and company names have been altered for confidentiality purposes

Kate’s legal secretary career started when she finished high school and went on to study at business college just a short bus ride away from her home town in Ryde. Already a highly organised young woman, Kate thrived on learning the ways of becoming a legal secretary even going so far as listening to a couple of admin podcasts on the bus to college, and Netflixing her favourite show Suits in her spare time!

Fast forward 2 years and Kate has been working in a small general practice law firm of 10 people in Parramatta. This is her first and only job since leaving secretary college which was introduced to her through a lawyer friend of the family.

Kate is a reliable and efficient part of the small legal team, having been taken under the wing of Sarah, a part time legal secretary. Sarah has been a great mentor for Kate as she previously worked for several big corporate legal firms in the CBD over a career spanning 22 years.

During her time Kate has learned to receive instructions well and carries them out to a very high standard. She has good communication skills, knows to ask questions if she’s unsure of things, however, in this role she hasn’t had to do that for quite a while as she’s learnt as much as she can. Kate is reliable, dependable, takes communication well, is quick to learn and understands the need to adhere to policy.

Sarah feels that it’s time for Kate to progress further in her career so she recommends Kate aspire to a career in the city. This really gets Kate’s attention as most of her friends are already working in the CBD and she often hears how the city has opened new doors for their careers and social life. She loves health and fitness and is a self-confessed foodie, so working on the door-step of cafes and restaurants she follows on Instagram would be a dream. Deep down Kate always knew that working in the CBD is where she wanted to be and it was reassuring to hear Sarah words of wisdom.

The biggest appeal of working in the city for Kate is the increase in salary and greater exposure to commercial law. The extra money will also help her save up for her first big trip overseas with her best friend to South America. Machu Picchu here they come! And then there’s the thought of emulating Donna from Suits!

However, Kate is nervous of change and also disappointing her current boss when it comes time to hand in her resignation. Her concerns are… will she succeed? Does she have what it takes? She is somewhat sad about leaving her small firm but is excited about her next step.

She can’t help but feel a little guilty, and remembers something a friend once said… “sometimes leaving your job is harder than leaving your family” That is so true!

Having made the same move over 20 years ago Sarah has advised Kate to reach out to an agency that has excellent connections with HR teams in all of the big CBD firms. Sarah goes on to explain that choosing the right agency is an important decision and building a close relationship with them will mean more open doors for Kate.

After speaking with Sarah, Kate seeks advice from her family who she loves and respects more than anyone. They agree with Sarah that it’s time for Kate to make her next move and then they ask her… “so how are you going to choose the right recruitment agency?”