Living and Working in London: Pamela

22 March 2017 Laura Barratt

London 3

Travelling to London but not sure what to expect?  Countless Australians and New Zealanders have gone before you and had the time of their lives.  But don’t take our word for it!  We’ve interviewed Legal Secretaries who traveled to London in the past to get their take on how to find legal jobs, their best memories, and how the experience has impacted them. 

What year(s) did you travel and work in London?

I first moved to London in mid June of 2006 for a working holiday, which lasted 3 years.  I returned to Australia when my contract ended and thousands of jobs were lost during the Financial Crisis.  Fortunately I have dual Citizenship and recently moved back to London due to a job transfer.

What steps did you follow in order to find your first job in London?  

Initially I contacted agencies however I interviewed with a law firm through their employee referral program.  I was employed within 3 days of arriving.

What did you love most about living and working in London?

London is one of the greatest cities in the world and moving back has been the best decision I have ever made.  London has a fantastic multicultural society, exciting atmosphere and vast culture.  Opportunities to travel and meet new people are endless.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Since my initial sojourn and the introduction of the smart phones 6 years ago, living and working in London is so much easier.  Gone are the days of navigating the A to Z directory! Features such as easily accessible email, social networking sites, audio/video chatting, apps and abundance of free Internet access has made keep in touch so much easier.

How has your London experience impacted you?

Traveling has given me the opportunity to experience new cultures, meet a diverse range of people and see how other people live.  The whole experience has been quite liberating and has challenged me on many levels.  Traveling has forced me to live outside my comfort zone, try new things and ultimately alter my perspective on life.

What is your most memorable travel story?

“Chucking a sickie” with my best friend and work colleague (also from Australia) and flying to Berlin for an extra long weekend.  Phoning in sick and having to dial reception first and ask for a transfer so my Manager couldn’t hear the international beeps!! LOL.  The things you do when you’re working in London!