Living and Working in London: Kirsty

22 December 2016 Laura Barratt

London 3

Travelling to London but not sure what to expect?  Countless Australians and New Zealanders have gone before you and had the time of their lives.  But don’t take our word for it!  We’ve interviewed Legal Secretaries who traveled to London in the past to get their take on how to find legal jobs, their best memories, and how the experience has impacted them. 

What year(s) did you travel and work in London?

I went to London in 2004 and stayed until 2012.

Why did you decide to go?

I followed the natural Kiwi migration path; I went to explore bigger and different lands, earn some pounds while easily being able to explore Europe.

What steps did you follow in order to find your first job in London? 

I signed up with a temping agency and started working two days after I arrived.  My second temp job then went permanent (for 5.5 years).

What did you love most about living and working in London?

I loved being part of such a huge big, dirty, mind-blowing city.  I loved the history – there is something for everyone.  And being so close to so many other countries.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Nothing! I loved it and made some of the greatest friends and had an awesome experience.

Actually… I may have scheduled more sunny holidays during winter months to top up my Vitamin D.   [:)]

How has your London experience impacted you?

I mastered the art of walking fast through slow tourists.

It’s a big bustling place and it takes motivation to crack in to and make a life for yourself there.  I’m sure my London experience helped to bring me out of my shell a little more, exposed me to, and made me more accepting of, people from all walks of life.